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Rockstar Gems and Jewellery has been sourcing gems and turning them into statement jewellery pieces for local and international clients for over 17 years. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, land of the biggest diamond ever found, we assure that every aspect of your end product will bring you joy for many lifetimes.
Owning a unique piece of jewellery has never been this easy, with everything being done under one roof. Choose your stone and we design according to your specific requirement.

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Gems and Jewels

At Rockstar Gems and Jewellery we also supply the finest gems, sourced from all over the world to give your jewellery a unique finish.


Cutting and Polishing

We take raw, uncut stones and cut and polish them to reveal their true beauty....


Design and Manufacturing

Rockstar Gems and Jewellery has a fully equipped design studio ready to churn out the latest jewellery trends. 

Let us ROCK your world

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 47 Strand Street,
Cape Town, South Africa, 8001


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